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Welcome to Spring Sweat & Smiles! - April 24, 2017

Can you use a little <em>spring clean up</em> in your fitness, your nutrition and in your life?

How about some extra fun and more things to smile about?

Over the next 14 days we are going to do just that in a fun and friendly accountability challenge.

We know it can be hard to stay on track or to even just get started. That is where I was at when I began my 1st challenge group. It was a struggle to keep consistent but with the support of a great group of people all working together towards similar goals it made it easier to take the 1st step and with the motivation of everyone checking in it gave me the inspiration to do my very best.

Spring Sweat and Smiles was one of my favorite groups last year and no one wanted this one to end so I am very excited to bring it back to you!

It doesn't matter where you live to join us or even where you workout! You can workout at your favorite gym, outside or at home with Beachbody on Demand. This challenge is built to fit your schedule perfectly!

You are going to LOVE this! In this group you get:
» Daily support and motivation from me & my team of coaches.
» A daily superfood shake.
» Workouts you can do at home from Beachbody on Demand.
» Trivia where you can win fun prizes!
» A free app. The Challenge Tracker to log in your progress.
» And once inside we will announce more exciting details to you!

YES there is a small investment and YES you are so WORTH IT!

Check out my page to see some of the testimonials from our last group. Smile

If you want to:
» Feel great!
» Hang out with a group of fun people from all over the country!
» Get on track with exercise and nutrition.
» Do a little spring cleaning.

My team I are are super excited to bring back Spring Sweat & Smiles a second year in a row!

We look forward to seeing many of you back again and are excited to meet some new people too!

Join us today!

Your Superfood Challenge Coaches are:

Kim Soto ~ www.shakeology.com/kimsotosfitness

Kristen McGiugan ~ www.shakeology.com/KNMfitness

Hannah Farrell ~ Health Coach

Yvette Bernosky ~ www.yvettesfitness.com