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Fit Camp embraces the 5 components of health and fitness; Cardio, Strength, Flexibility, Nutrition, and Body Composition. Yvette and her trainers use interval training, alternating between cardio and upper and lower body resistance training.

Each class is fun, unique, and uses a variety of equipment and calisthenics. All exercises will be modified to meet individual needs and goals, making Fit Camp accessible to all ages and fitness levels. A typical class uses a variety of equipment such as balance and bosu balls, TRX, medicine balls, resistance bands, free weights, steps, ropes, boxing and a variety of cardio and weight equipment.

Yvette works with all clients individually to establish goals. Every 8 Weeks Yvette is available to measure your Body Composition and track your success. Current health and diet information is shared throughout the Fit Camp training to educate and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Included with your Fit Camp enrollment is a select number of Mix & Match Classes, depending on the Fit Camp package you have purchased. Yvette and her trainers will keep you inspired through a serious of creative incentives, including games and friendly competitions.

The benefits of Fit Camp include weight-loss, a reduced percentage of body fat, a healthier lifestyle, and a chance to spice up your workout routine. The education Fit Camp provides lays the foundation for lifelong success, while the camaraderie of the small group is motivating and keeps you on track.

Yvette's Fit Camp classes are a great way to establish and meet fitness goals, stay motivated, learn about health and nutrition, and make new friends!

Fit-Camp is 1 hour 15 minutes in length and are held Mondays through Thursdays.

Please see the Schedule to Register for Classes or call 941-376-9599 for more information.