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Hello and Welcome to Yvette's Health & Fitness!

All fitness courses are co-ed. For more detailed information on the courses below, please click on the link following each program:


Fit Camp is uniquely designed to provide optimum results by addressing all 5 components of health and fitness:

Cardio – Strength – Flexibility – Nutrition – Body Composition

Fit Camp Classes use interval training, alternating between cardio and upper and lower body resistance training. This type of training allows you to build endurance, and at the same time develop and tone your muscles. Every class provides optimal combinations needed to burn calories and increase metabolism.

Each class is fun, unique, and uses a variety of equipment and calisthenics. All exercises can be modified to meet individual needs and goals, making Fit Camp accessible to all ages and fitness levels. There is an emphasis is on group motivation, while still focusing on each individual's fitness goals.

A typical class uses a variety of equipment such as balance and bosu balls, TRX, medicine balls, resistance bands, free weights, steps, ropes, boxing and a variety of cardio and weight equipment. Classes are 1 hour 15 minutes in length are held Mondays through Thursdays.
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Yvettes Fitness Personal Trainers Nationally Certified Personal Trainers:

Kristen McGuigan, CPT
Felipe Cava, CPT
Yvette Bernosky CPT
Kim Soto CPT
Preston Higdon CPT
Katie Sapovchak CPT
David Langfelder CPT
Diana Billeci CPT
Debralee Toro CPT

Each training session is custom-tailored to match individual fitness needs. Yvette's staff of personal trainers represent the best in Sarasota. They are available to accommodate all of your scheduling and training needs.
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Yvette's offers a variety of classes that use a variety of training approaches and equipment. All of the classes are designed to be fun, yet challenging. Mix & Match packages save you money and allow for flexible schedules while offering a variety of workout options. You will never get bored!

Mix & Match Classes include: Fit Camp, Flex, Stretch & Balance, Kickboxing, Staying Strong, Body Sculpting, FREE STYLE Fitness, AM Body Blast and more.

Ask about our post rehabilitation conditioning programs.
See our class schedule for current classes and times.


Join Yvette for a healthy getaway with other fitness-minded people! Join a local retreat in Sarasota or arrange for an offsite fitness vacation with your group anywhere around the globe!
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